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From: Jaiden
On: July 24, 2011 @07:11 pm
Really do miss seeing you guise in Second Life like srsly what happend no more Second Life party's and music );?
From: RoboDDStrox2
On: September 14, 2009 @11:04 pm
Very cool WB http://geeks.pirillo.com/profile/Robootto
From: Queenmystic Held
On: August 22, 2009 @09:17 pm
Loved your show @ Bare Rose!
From: Moxy Barracuda
On: July 09, 2009 @12:33 pm
PQE to all. Esp the Tibetans! STILL love the music and cant wait to see yall LIVE in RL hehe!!!! soooo when's the next album coming out??? SOON!!! Hey to RAFE!
From: mila
On: April 27, 2009 @04:13 pm
From: Newton Packard
On: April 21, 2009 @09:15 am
Hey there this is OnlyMe from Kaneva stoping by to say Woot Woot and Hi to the band
From: seizedcarautos
On: April 10, 2009 @11:09 pm
Hello to all ! Great site. I am new here greetings to all from Poland.
From: Daniel Walczyk - Keokipele (Keo) Ansar
On: March 23, 2009 @10:28 am
Awesome meeting you at Vulcania Estates yesterday, Tania/Shakti. So glad you came along with Tanya/Bella to see the SIMs and some of my artwork. Beautiful site here and my partner and I are now SpaceJunky junkies! Namaste!
On: February 07, 2009 @04:25 pm
Tania, WOW! Rafe told me about you, but I had NO Idea. Your music is Great! Rafe and Red Lane were my guests last night at the Indigo Lounge in Nashville. Frank
From: Angela
On: October 12, 2008 @08:16 pm
Oh my god. i finally found your albums!! I have loved this band sence I say you in concert on SecondLife!!! This band rocks!! I would love to meet you in SL sometime. Look up Trinityangel Wingtips!! Please send me a list of your next shows their so I can attend!! Thank you so much from Texas in USA!
From: Ross Schell
On: September 14, 2008 @04:06 pm
i was wondering about booking you for this weekend coming up or the weekend after please get back to me Ross Schell
On: August 16, 2008 @09:32 am
GOONSWARM loves you.
From: Anna
On: August 09, 2008 @04:04 pm
Hi!!! I was yesterday at your Live Show in Second Life! You are so wonderfull!!I'd like to meet you all in SL..Will be possible? Hoping to hear you soon, Hugs from Florence, Italy!!
From: Dan
On: August 09, 2008 @11:59 am
Hiya Shakti Saw you in concert last night in second life all i can say is AWSOME!!! You have a brand new fan I just D/L whole album from itunes cant wait to see you guys live again. Dan Pevensey
From: Artist3d
On: June 22, 2008 @06:37 pm
OMG... Wow... I can't believe I was sitting in my virtual "Penthouse" in Second Life and had just installed my virtual Plasma Screen and BOOM there on SLTV you guys were playing with cool avatars and singing songs off your album Resident Alien... a quick search and I found your album at CD Baby ... download too! only $15!! GOT IT and LOVE IT! Very nice work, near perfect production near as I can tell. A new fan who found you in virtual reality... Paul Marcano AKA Artist3d Merlin
From: Samuel
On: May 06, 2008 @08:50 pm
sEr2tr Hello! I'm Samuel Smith, i'm from Switqerland i and find your site really brilliant!
From: Bobbee Broderick
On: May 05, 2008 @11:26 pm
Once in a while you find a band with breath that projects differences that stand the test of time. I saw your band on a special on Continential Airlines from NY to Vegas. I have listened and I am hooked. Very good music.
From: abandoned astronaut
On: February 25, 2008 @10:38 pm
all your base are belong to us!
From: Patricia Martin
On: January 26, 2008 @12:10 pm
You and the band are essential for my Health & Wellness! Love you guys! Patricia Martin Health & Wellness Magazine Nashville, TN
From: Wizzy Gynoid
On: January 12, 2008 @03:23 pm
Shakti Cianci is the shining star of SecondLife, with her band (SpaceJunky)spreading her message of Light and Love throghout the Metaverse. Come along for the ride and absorb some of the PQE (Positive Quantum Energy) by osmosis!
From: Rob Oconner
On: December 20, 2007 @12:28 am
after hearing you LIVE in Second life I had to buy the album!! Great gig guys!
From: Jinx Jua (Sherry Coke) ; )~
On: November 23, 2007 @02:39 am
love your music, love the voice, love ya & thank you Izzy Cole for turning me onto Spacejunky in my Second Life :)~ ........ grins, love & huggs Jinxie
From: BigGayAl Beaumont
On: November 19, 2007 @07:45 pm
Accidentily saw the lovely singer in Second Life and she told me to turn my music on and listen to it, all of the sudden explained me it's her band that I'm listening to, listened to a song that kinda reminded me of some 80's early 90's stuff, my childhood, Love the music and band, you should perform some more in SL for sure ;) Love, BigGayAl Beaumont (SL name, luckily not my RL name hehe)
From: GoodFellow Aabye
On: November 12, 2007 @08:00 pm
Hello SpaceJunky. I stopped by your location because it's right next to CNN. I must say I have never attended a real musical concert in SecondLife before but your band looks interesting. When is your next concert?
From: Nemesis Greatrex
On: October 09, 2007 @01:08 am
Awesome band - awesome music! PQE and Cosmic Love ruling the Metaverse!
From: Kylie Rosenauer (Mullumbimby, Australia)
On: October 02, 2007 @02:45 am
Hi, Have just heard your music througha friend for the first time and I love it. When I checked your site for more info, imagine my surprise when I realised that I went to school with your drummer Luke. Would love to hear from him if possible, please contact me.
From: Axel
On: September 16, 2007 @04:47 pm
Hi SpaceJunky :) Just saw you live on stage on SecondLife. A shame I can't see the show in real life, 'cause it's definitely WONDERFUL! Please continue to make us dreaming! Axel, France
From: mari
On: May 28, 2007 @08:58 am
I love you guys/gal so much! You're changin' my musical habits! luv all ways! mari xox
From: Boomerang at ya.
On: August 12, 2006 @07:59 am
Boomerangs are back
From: Greg & Marilyn
On: June 21, 2006 @10:18 pm
hi! you rock! let's have Indian sometime!
From: Rhett Murdaugh
On: March 29, 2006 @02:54 pm
Hello!!! Love your stuff.. thanks for the help!!

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