SpaceJunky Myspace site.

SpaceJunky in Second Life
This is where you go to find out about SpaceJunky's adventures in Second Life.

Crystal Gypsy Designs
This is the jewelry company owned by Tania of SpaceJunky. Tania travels the world to find old & unique amulets and transforms them into personal talismans of style.

Moolto Social Network For Avatars
  SpaceJunky group for Second Life.

Second Life
The virtual world where SpaceJunky performs Virtual Concerts.

Write us a review @ CDBaby!!
Let us know what you think about our album - we want to know!

Temple Of Love
Visit the "temple of love" sponsored by SpaceJunky - a magical place where dreams have been known to come true!

Radio Imago
Imago is the web talk radio entirely dedicated to Arts, Culture and World of show business. We live Art as a universal solution, even when it gives no answers nor indications, and remains "a mere attempt". Imago wishes to be a point of reference in the artistic-cultural panorama, and is an oasis for anyone who is thirsting for that which is Good.
Stretch Mayo Films
Stretch is that talented raptor that gets around Second Life and makes amazing machinima!!

Avenue Magazine in Second Life
Great magazine about Second Life that featured SpaceJunky.

OD Designs
OD Designs are the official virtual instrument suppliers for SpaceJunky in Second Life.

Galactic Airways
The ONLY way to travel into space....

Mission Statement

spacejunky :

one who searches for cosmic truth & seeks to lengthen the space between thoughts.

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SpaceJunky: Resident Alien

Resident Alien - SpaceJunky


Crystal Gypsy Designs

Check out Tania's jewelry company Crystal Gypsy Designs!