Many people have assisted this mission and without everyone I have ever met in this life this project may not have been realized. Such is the tenure of life – joined by invisible threads –not knowing how they will weave the fabric of existence together into the present. I thank you all, you have my souls gratitude and my hearts love.

To my earth family – Mum, Dad, Jodee & Adrian thank you for every lesson you taught me. My love & appreciation for your support, love & sacrifice is eternal.

My musical mentor – Don Gurr, I thank you for your wisdom and for taking me on as your protégé, you made a little girl very happy the day you opened the door to your house and shared your love and knowledge of music. Nip Moore – For the improvisation Bill Whitton - For the cool grooves, the great chords and sharing with me the power of fishnet stockings.

Adrian Scott – thanks for trusting me on some of the biggest stages in the world. Lesley Porter – for always “being there” – fabulous or not. Andrew McManus – are you still my manager? “Write well, play safe” - what do you think? James Blundell – for being “James” & introducing me to the “darkest horse”.

Jamie O’Neal – for the fun on the road – shopping across the world. Siobhan Maher-Kennedy – psycho mermaid never sounded so good. Ron Keith - for making beautiful pictures, and having a beautiful heart to go along with your talent.
Mary Beth Felts - For always saying yes to help make me pretty and doing it with your gorgeous smile, eyeliner never looked so good. 
Ron Kriedman, Ricky Moeller, Travis, Larry Boster & Tim Moore for that fateful New York showcase….you guys rock! Penny – you now have your wings, fly on angel.

Rafe Van Hoy – the finest songwriter/producer I know (not to mention that “spatial” guitar) & the darkest horse to ever roam the trenches of the music business, thank you for heeding the call & extending your hands, heart & expertise to help us in ways no other could have – you are a true visionary and I only hope I get to see the day the world discovers the vault of “uncut gems”.
I love you with all my heart pipdaddy.

Luke Mason – my cosmic brother, the power of the universe could be held together by your groove – thanks for letting me share it lovey.

Dan Harris - “it’s all about the vibe” and you have a beautiful one – thanks for the riffs, power chords & unswerving belief – “what page are we on?”

-The Bass Men- Chris "onthe1" Kent...dude you know how to lay down the mother groove - a low note never sounded so sweet! Thanks for your soul and sweet smiles. "Brother Hal" Tupia - a true soldier for the groove, always willing, always grooving...Love ya heaps! Jackie "El Gato Negro" Street - a man of few words but knows where the groove is and sits in it -Thanks for everything.

To the people of Tibet for teaching me about love & compassion. I am forever changed. Free Tibet!
Thank you Jaggi Vasudev, Lobsang Tashi & Amaru Li.

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